Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative (GLOBAL)


The Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative (Global) serves as a Federal Advisory Committee to the U.S. Attorney General on justice information sharing issues. Global supports the broadscale exchange of pertinent justice and public safety information while vigilantly considering the privacy rights of individuals. Through guidance from the U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), Global promotes standards-based electronic information exchange to provide the justice community with timely, accurate, complete, and accessible information in a secure and trusted environment.

Assembling key personnel from local, state, tribal, federal, and international justice entities, the Global Advisory Committee (GAC) facilitates Global efforts. The experts on the GAC represent the following constituencies: law enforcement, prosecution, public defenders, courts, corrections, probation and parole, first responders, industry, and additional agencies directly involved in the justice process.

For more information on the Global Initiative, please visit the Global Web site. The entire collection of Global tools, resources, and recommendations can be found in the Global Information Sharing Toolkit.




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