Critical Initiatives and Technical Assistance

Supporting law enforcement through focused, customized services and technical assistance initiatives is critical to advancing the criminal justice field. This is best accomplished by identifying emerging issues and trends and providing appropriate tailored solutions. IIR actively engages in these activities through the coordination of forecasting groups that engage in environmental scanning; the facilitation of projects that promote technical assistance in an “all-hands” approach; and participation in collaborative initiatives that help provide solutions to long-term problems.

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   IIR supports critical and technical initiative programs by:
Criminal Justice Training
  • Facilitating forecasting groups composed of law enforcement leaders and technology specialists to identify relevant emerging issues.
  • Consulting with federal agencies to identify law enforcement needs across the United States.
  • Developing Web sites and multimedia aids.
  • Conducting research through site visits and developing best-practice publications.
  • Maintaining a cadre of subject-matter experts whose knowledge is based on their diverse criminal justice backgrounds.
  • Providing data collection, analysis, and program evaluation services.
  • Providing technical assistance for violence reduction through site-specific customized solutions.
  • Facilitating assessments to assist law enforcement agencies in building collaborative partnerships with their communities.
  • Using problem-solving methods to address systemic issues within an identified department to improve public safety.
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   Law Enforcement Forecasting Group
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   Violence Reduction Network
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   Collaborative Reform Initiative


Institute for Intergovernmental Research (IIR)

IIR is a nonprofit research and training organization that specializes in law enforcement, juvenile justice, criminal justice, and homeland security issues. IIR provides local, state, tribal, and federal law enforcement agencies with assistance needed to implement changes that promote greater governmental effectiveness.

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