About IIR

About IIR

The Institute for Intergovernmental Research (IIR) is a Florida-based nonprofit corporation specializing in criminal justice, homeland security, and juvenile justice issues. IIR has a proven history of promoting greater efficiency and effectiveness among federal, state, local, and tribal criminal justice agencies through customized training, technical assistance, and research. Areas of special competence include criminal justice information sharing, privacy and civil liberties, violence reduction, Gang Resistance Education And Training, anti-gang initiatives, officer safety and wellness, anti-terrorism initiatives, criminal intelligence systems, homicide and narcotics investigations management, and information technology and multimedia development.

IIR’s standard of excellence, commitment to performance-based solutions, and trusted partnerships are the cornerstone for superior service delivery.

IIR specializes in the development and implementation of strategic solutions to maximize intergovernmental programs, operations, and relations.  IIR’s expertise and services are far-reaching, including, but not limited to, Information Sharing Initiatives, Criminal Justice Training, and Anti-Gang Initiatives


To be the trusted provider of superior training and specialized technical assistance services for law enforcement and public safety, through innovative and effective solutions.


Achieving success for our clients through the delivery of exemplary programs and superior services that enhance public safety, governmental effectiveness, and organizational efficiency.

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