Staff and Expertise

An Experienced and Resourceful Staff

Staff and Expertise

IIR’s highly experienced staff and subject-matter experts are equipped with the knowledge and ability to respond to the needs of justice agencies, with positive, timely, and effective results. IIR’s staff offers specialized competence in management and organization, operations, planning, research, information sharing, program evaluation, and policy development and implementation.

Extensive Expertise

IIR personnel have a variety of educational backgrounds, holding bachelor’s, master’s, juris doctorate, and doctorate degrees in management, business and public administration, criminal justice, communications, accounting, social sciences, history, law, and information technology. Many IIR staff members participate in professional organizations and serve on a variety of advisory committees and boards.

IIR personnel possess special competence and expertise gained through education, training, and experience in the following fields:


  • Policy Formulation and Analysis
  • Alternative Analysis
  • Organizational Analysis and Evaluation


  • Criminal and Juvenile Justice Program Evaluation
  • Public Management Research and Evaluation
  • Intergovernmental Issues
  • Organized Crime and Intelligence


  • Planning, Programming, Budgeting Systems
  • Management Information Systems
  • Budget Development

Information Systems

  • Management and Operations
  • Criminal Justice, Prosecution, Law Enforcement, Judicial, Juvenile Justice
  • Security and Privacy
  • Resource Allocation
  • Management Information Systems


  • Strategic and Tactical Assessments
  • Management and Operations
  • Storage and Retrieval Systems Development


  • Management and Command
  • Investigative and Intelligence Management Systems
  • Organized Crime and Economic Crime
  • Task Force Organization, Command, Liaison
  • Narcotics Control
  • Program Development

Management and Organization

  • Public Management and Administration
  • Criminal and Juvenile Justice Organization and Planning

Planning and Research

  • Criminal and Juvenile Justice Planning and Research
  • Contingency Planning
  • Organized Crime and Intelligence

Specialized Technical Training and Policy Analysis

  • Service Delivery
  • Research and Development
  • Management and Coordination


  • Law Enforcement Programs
  • Criminal Intelligence Systems Operating Policies Training
  • Grants Management
  • Instructional Systems Design


Integrity...excellence in character as individuals and in our performance as an organization.

Innovation...excellence through resourceful and creative strategies.

Relationships...excellence through trusted partnerships with a commitment to service, responsiveness, and accountability.

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